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Using a Dugout Canoe
A dugout canoe was used to fish for fish. The Iroquois used a latern to attract fish. Then the fish swam to the surface of the water. This made the fish easier to catch.
Click the link below to watch a video and learn more about how dugout canoes were made.Click here to watch DUGOUT CANOES
Using Bows and Arrows
A bow and arrow was used to kill animals to eat. The Irquois could use this this tool to hunt animals like deer, just like in this picture. They could also hunt other animals with bows and arrows. The bow and arrow could shoot far distances. The Iroquois could hunt from far away or closer up.
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Using Disguises
The Iroquois disguised themselves with animal pelts to hide and shoot the animals they hunted, like bears and deer. The disguise helped them blend into their environment so that the animals felt comfortable and they could catch more animals.
Using Spears
A spear was used to capture fish. There were all different types of spears. Some were longer than others. This helped Iroquois fish from lots of places.
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